Please follow these instructions to download your copy of my new album:


1: Go to the drop menu for DOWNLOAD TINY LITTLE PRISONS.

2. Select the Download number you have been assigned.

3. Enter the assigned password, paying special attention to letter size and numbers.

4. Download the tracks.

5. Pick either of these options:

a-Light some candles and get in the bathtub. Don't forget some snacks, girl. This album has 11 tracks!

b-Put some big headphones on and bundle up for a walk outside. Make sure you dance when you get up close to strangers.

c-Go to a dinner party and bring the tracks with you. In the middle of dinner hijack the stereo, telling your hosts that your friend Mandy just made the BEST RECORD and they need to listen to each one without talking. Carefully monitor their faces during each of the ca. 45 moments.


Day 1 review

Just like when we're on stage, everything happened the way it was supposed to. I don't mean perfect, clean, and pretty...I mean tight, distorted, raw, and beautiful.

We laid out 5 tracks on 1/5, playing simultaneously. This was a new learning experience for me and I'm looking forward to listening to the recordings again during the mixing phase in late July.




October 21st:

The album is now finished and the layout and design of the case is being finalized. I have listened to each track five and a half million times by now. ha ha ha. Each time I hear one of the songs I am reminded of how grateful I am to be able to make music like this.